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Improve your professional asking questions-skills! By using Group Supervisiongame you can formulate a good, simple and adequate question.

Improve your professional ‘asking questions-skills’

Group Supervision is a common team method in which professionals share a problem and learn together. The approach is clear: someone comes up with a problem or question; participants ask questions and give advice. A great way of sharing and learning. In many organizations, people start with enthusiasm but after a short while the mood is going down. Always the same people come up with a case; always the same people ask questions or give advice. How can you make ensure that everyone stays involved in the learning process and has a good input? The Group Supervisiongame offers a solution.

The Group Supervisiongame:

  • Organizes the conversation: everyone is involved;
  • Facilitates the question: everyone can formulate a question by using a card;
  • Stimulates the thinking process: what kind of question do you want to ask? Everyone can ask Thinking, Feeling, Doing and Solution-focused questions.
  • Improve your professional asking questions skills

By using the Group Supervisiongame you have got the opportunity to improve your professional ‘asking questions-skills’. To formulate a good, simple and adequate question is a delicate and difficult matter. Good questions are open, do not judge, support and provide the thinking process of the contributor and elicit more than yes or no for an answer.

Some people master these skills naturally; most of us don’t but with the Group Supervisiongame you will soon be able to feel these skills in your fingertips.

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